Not broke., but still broke

Well., yesterday happened to be my payday (gawd bless my bawsss). So., technically i'm not broke., but actually i'm still broke. The damn bank will take atleast two days to get my cheque processed. That means., for another two days., I'll still have to lecher at all the drink while crossing a wine shop.. :-S And., that reminds me of another thing., not a drop of alcohol for nearly three weeks straight. Goodness christ., now that sounds scary.. Just waiting for the damn cheque to get through., I'm gonna get so sloshed.. :P hehe.

Being broke is a weird feeling. You feel so miserably like a pauper :P. Well., ofcourse you are one when you are broke.. but well., I dont remember checking my change when i usually bought a fag., but the 'broke factor' made me do.. I was literally making sure that the guy charged only 3.25 for the Classic Milds instead of the occasional 3.50, coz that wayz you get 3 ciggs in the 10buck. Faaaaaaaaaack... :-S And this other day at the petrol bunk., I was insisting on exactly one litre so that i can use the change with more petty change that i had to get a cigg. :-S

Actually I dont think its bad., coz. things like these mostly dont get so much thinking otherwise. The broke factor actually made me plan stuff like that., and I'm quite happy for myself. But that aint no reason for me to keep my mouth shut without cribbing for the time these fackin bank morons take to clear out one fackin cheque.. Fackerssssssssssssss...

I want my beer damnit.. now.. i say now... :P


Parvathi said...

i know what you mean :-)
I barely tip at baywatch sometimes cos i need the 5 bucks to pay for parking at the beach

Da Rodent said...

baywatch?? That coffee shop at elliot's beach?? Gawd., I love that place.. Many dont agree but., that is one of the best coffee that i've ever had. Never left elliot's once without killing an hour at 'baywatch'.

Especially that table which is closest to the road., from where you can see the sea. Awesome.. awesome..

Karthik ,K.N said...

man..i dint knew u smoke....pray to god tht the cheque doesnt get bouncd and it doesnt get still late..

Da Rodent said...

fck.. kn you wont believe it. The bank mis-placed the cheque. something felt weird yesterday so i visited the bank., to see the progress on the cheque., and figured out that my fears were true.. I was so pissed off.. I made a scene there. They are misplacing my cheque for the second time.

Well., all the shouting was worth it. By the end of the day they located it., and even got the amount credited :) Wow., tomorrow night... i just cannot wait.. grr..

Karthik ,K.N said...

god save the brats...neways..gr8 tht u were thru with ur cheque..happy boozing weekend..