Goa the beer-land

Holiday trip started on 2nd Jan. It was a road trip to goa., with absolutely no schedule. The route was planned as chennai-banglore-manglore-goa. I'm typing the full story on www.joesteeve.org. So., only the abstracts here :) The pictures are coming too :)

:) For nearly a week., I dont remember drinking any plain water :-S First thing that goes into the gullet after brushing in the morning is beer. When ever thirsty., there was beer. After food., again beer. Every street has a bar. One bar guy actually warned me that a region where I was going wont have any bars., and so packed a couple of pints for me.. God bless him.

Three things that I really loved about Goa., cheap-beer, clean beaches., a.w.e.s.o.m.e churches. No., I was not praying.. :) One thing., its so fckin hot, and I've tanned like heck. :(

I spent only 4 days in Goa. Rest in the road-trip to it.. There were some really cool things.. :) Trucks moving like caterpillars on the Western Ghat roads., huuuuuuuuuuuge Shiva at Murugdeshwar, tasted fenny (like toddy, taken from cashewnut fruits), transporting a car across a river in a ferry, crabs biting the feet and slept in a fisherman's hut at om-beach.

Though I had to cut my holiday short and get my a$$ back because of some emergency reasons., on the whole., it was fun :)


Karthik ,K.N said...

hey..i miss goa...I was there long time ago..i still have some memories abt those ferries..man i wanna visit it ..nd we r plannin...neways..i hope we can do it

priya said...

never been to Goa!!:(
though my incentive to got here is not the abundant liquor!


Da Rodent said...

kn: hmm., that ferry was awesome.

priya: You'll love the beaches if you dont mind getting tanned.. or if you love old eerie churches., goa is the place :)

Sush said...

hi!! thanx for visiting my blog...ur my first "comment" :)
n u got some really nice entries n pics here...
take care

~Lord Anshul said...

whoa dude..goa sounds fun..i too was planning my christmas thr,...but a lazy ass like me..stops after planning :P

Vikram H said...

Goaaaaaahhhh!!!..Its a youth paradise!!! My trip there will forever remain in my mind! Am looking forward to many such trips in the future.

Da Rodent said...

sush: thanks :)

anshul: Er., OTOH., I planned this trip atleast two months back :P Hmm., already started thinking about the next get away.. :)

vikram : sure you do..

Deepti said...

goa!! wow!! nice tripping!!! :)

Padmashree said...

Goa.... thatzz an amazing place.. Visited it some 5 yrs back.. Did u catch the 'Vagator Fort' where the 'Dil Chahtha hain' song was shot..
Which was ur fav beach in Goa?