'Cresent Sterling'., gawd bless them.

Dont know how many of you chennai people have heard of cresent. After a dozen pitchers of kf lager, and some heavy jumping around at bikes&barrel., you sure would have forgotten the 'eating' part. And just when you start thinking about it., you'd have been presented the bill and would got kicked out of there because it is time for them to close.

Heh :) And where do you find food at 00:00 in chennai?? Go to 'Cresent Sterling' :) Trust me those guys are not paying me for this free advertisement that I'm giving them., though i wont mind making some money..:P I dont know their working hours but today morning at 1:00 they were open (yesterday was a long night). And I hear they are open much later too.. And they make awesome food. Suits the best after all the drink that when into your gullet.

Buisness strategy or whatever shit.. I say., 'gawd bless them' :)


Sush said...

hi there
will check out this place sometime :)
n thanx for comments...honestly, ur the only one whom im havent pestered to visit my blog..and ur the only one who leaves comments without me having asked u!! thanx again :)

priya said...

ahem ahem.. looks like every sloshed clan has one kaiyenthi bhavan to resort to ;)


Vikram H said...

wow! cool!...Could u give us more info on its whereabouts?

karuna said...

i think i should get down to makingi t to chennai first, mayeb then i can visit ;)

Rat said...

Yes good old mallu food.

Da Rodent said...

sush: thanx?????? @#$!@#%@#$^$%&^&$#%#$

priya: hehehe..

vikram: Its one lane before sterling road. Its close to the old-cresent. Ask them., they'll tell you :)

karuna: yea come over., lets get sloshed.. :P

rat: Yep..

Shiv Shankar said...

hey ..man ..missed drinking with u ..was tied up with lots of work ..will do it next time !!