'Cresent Sterling'., gawd bless them.

Dont know how many of you chennai people have heard of cresent. After a dozen pitchers of kf lager, and some heavy jumping around at bikes&barrel., you sure would have forgotten the 'eating' part. And just when you start thinking about it., you'd have been presented the bill and would got kicked out of there because it is time for them to close.

Heh :) And where do you find food at 00:00 in chennai?? Go to 'Cresent Sterling' :) Trust me those guys are not paying me for this free advertisement that I'm giving them., though i wont mind making some money..:P I dont know their working hours but today morning at 1:00 they were open (yesterday was a long night). And I hear they are open much later too.. And they make awesome food. Suits the best after all the drink that when into your gullet.

Buisness strategy or whatever shit.. I say., 'gawd bless them' :)


Goa the beer-land

Holiday trip started on 2nd Jan. It was a road trip to goa., with absolutely no schedule. The route was planned as chennai-banglore-manglore-goa. I'm typing the full story on www.joesteeve.org. So., only the abstracts here :) The pictures are coming too :)

:) For nearly a week., I dont remember drinking any plain water :-S First thing that goes into the gullet after brushing in the morning is beer. When ever thirsty., there was beer. After food., again beer. Every street has a bar. One bar guy actually warned me that a region where I was going wont have any bars., and so packed a couple of pints for me.. God bless him.

Three things that I really loved about Goa., cheap-beer, clean beaches., a.w.e.s.o.m.e churches. No., I was not praying.. :) One thing., its so fckin hot, and I've tanned like heck. :(

I spent only 4 days in Goa. Rest in the road-trip to it.. There were some really cool things.. :) Trucks moving like caterpillars on the Western Ghat roads., huuuuuuuuuuuge Shiva at Murugdeshwar, tasted fenny (like toddy, taken from cashewnut fruits), transporting a car across a river in a ferry, crabs biting the feet and slept in a fisherman's hut at om-beach.

Though I had to cut my holiday short and get my a$$ back because of some emergency reasons., on the whole., it was fun :)

Can I kill some of your time?

Ah., this is a quite interesting link. Have fun :) And dont forget to put your comments on http://priyaunwound.blogspot.com/. She is the good lady who pointed me that link .