'multiply.com'., quite interesting

I was forced into signing up at multiply.com because I wanted to comment on srid.multiply.com. But., now i think it is quite interesting. A part of 'orkut'., a part of 'blogger'., a 'flickr'., etc.. everything put in one place. All integrated. Sounds quite cool., but I'm wondering whether it is worth the effort of moving things out of blogger.com to multiply. Anywayz., I'm still exploring.., and my page is joesteeve.multiply.com

Christmas., yet again

Gosh., one thing that I hate about Christmas/New-Year/Easter is the midnight mass. Grr.., I'd give anything to escape from it. Its a painful routine every time. I dont mind staying awake late at night. Most of the nights, I'm up late (like today). But., sitting late at night and having to hear a sing-song which is mostly gibberish is not really very nice.

Year after year., the priest's enthusiasm in making the whole thing slower and more painful has been on the rise. If he just says the mass as normal statements., the whole ordeal will end in 30 minutes. But all his excessive singing and such makes it to 2 hours. And., all that while sittin in the cold., thinking of the comfortable bed... grr., not my idea of celebration. Grr.

I hope I get a wife who wont force me for Christmas mass like mom does.. :-S


Rainy weekend..

mother-nature unleashed her terror over chennai yesterday. after three failed attempts of getting to office., i settled down in bed with a book of calvin&hobbes. Gosh., i love that comic strip. Finally, in the evening did some swimming through street waters, and reached office. I was quite jobless and bored at home., so thought might as well go to office.

Folks at work had already planned the evening at Bikes & Barrels. by 19:00 hrs, the drinking had already started., and i could see another prospective 4 hours ahead :P. I was in a lousy orange tee., wasnt expecting to chill out in the middle of rains. I guess i was the most funny looking yest night. But what the hell., no one to impress around either. :-S. only when the pub guys kicked us out, did we realize that it had been raining like heck all through.

again more swimming and splashing happened. finally crashed at a frenz place., and now up. :) Lousy hangover.. grr..


Yet another sleepless night

Been working like a mad man. Havent slept a wink. Have my half filled coffee mug next to me. Have not gone home yet. Hmm., life is getting slightly too hectic. Heh., well.. it cannot be a ball all the time., grr.. Here i am, still in office.., looking at the monitor., typing crap so that you jobless people can read (hehehehe).

Chennai is quite peaceful in the wee hours. Not a single soul on the road., and all empty to test my speed limits. Hmm., too tired for anything now. I'm just gonna gulp the last mouthfulls of coffee and try to grab some sleep.