Yet another sleepless night

Been working like a mad man. Havent slept a wink. Have my half filled coffee mug next to me. Have not gone home yet. Hmm., life is getting slightly too hectic. Heh., well.. it cannot be a ball all the time., grr.. Here i am, still in office.., looking at the monitor., typing crap so that you jobless people can read (hehehehe).

Chennai is quite peaceful in the wee hours. Not a single soul on the road., and all empty to test my speed limits. Hmm., too tired for anything now. I'm just gonna gulp the last mouthfulls of coffee and try to grab some sleep.


karuna said...

how did you make it to office?
Hasn't chennai been engulfed by the ocean?

karuna said...

Oh and how was the getaway? worht these sleepless nights?