Rainy weekend..

mother-nature unleashed her terror over chennai yesterday. after three failed attempts of getting to office., i settled down in bed with a book of calvin&hobbes. Gosh., i love that comic strip. Finally, in the evening did some swimming through street waters, and reached office. I was quite jobless and bored at home., so thought might as well go to office.

Folks at work had already planned the evening at Bikes & Barrels. by 19:00 hrs, the drinking had already started., and i could see another prospective 4 hours ahead :P. I was in a lousy orange tee., wasnt expecting to chill out in the middle of rains. I guess i was the most funny looking yest night. But what the hell., no one to impress around either. :-S. only when the pub guys kicked us out, did we realize that it had been raining like heck all through.

again more swimming and splashing happened. finally crashed at a frenz place., and now up. :) Lousy hangover.. grr..

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karuna said...

Ditch cars and bikes, invest in boats i tell ya... it seems like it won't be long.