Test drive??

"Our village girl gets engaged to a recently-urbanized-village-boy. Our man., decides to know his lady a little better before commiting the knot and plays romantic tunes. Our innocent girl could not see the storm coming and danced well. It was all first love bliss. Sweet talking and emotional dialogues. Our man made sure he got all the details out of the girl. The girl was too dumb to ask questions. Girl innocently says that she wants to help her parents meet out the financial troubles they have in some way. Guy reports to his momma. Momma gets mad. Guy forgets about girl. Girl
cries. Boy's momma shouts at girl saying she is not what she expected out of a 'good village girl'. Girl's momma dissappointed with girl. Now., girl left alone broken hearted. Guy., still licking his candy wiping his fingers on his momma's saree."

Well., I wish I had a gun to shoot these fuckers right between the balls. These morons are a general disgrace to our `male species`. If he wanted to play on his momma's lap., why the fuck look around for a woman to marry.

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