Jazz in the Jungle

That was what the Madras Hash House Harriers decided to label the event. 19th, 29th of November, we crashed at a private estate property in Bakrapet, some 29 km from Tirupathi. The location was awesome. Hills all around., and a road winding in the middle. Thorny, shrubby greenery on the plains and more trees and such on the hills. It was a good view.

The first run on the 19th was through rough terrain. We kept running over hills and ditches that we dont know how many hills we climbed. The trail brought us back to the road to the first water stop. Downed dont-know-how-many mugs of 'sangria'. The second part took us to the top of a mountain from where we could enjoy 'bloody mary' viewing the scenic beauty of the area around. Gosh., sometimes you do wonder 'this is a beautiful world' :P.

The trail was very nice through the bushes and the rocky terrain. I had my legs badly bruised because of the thorns in the way. However, still it was worth it :) Later in the circle i got christened with my hash name after being baptised by beer.. the purest form of liquid a hasher knows.. :P The festivities began soon., with the rock band starting off with the jazz notes.. A bon fire was lit up., all sorts of cooked meat came around. And of course, the barrels of beer was always full :) The party went on till late night. Ended with some 10 of us sitting around the bonfire watching the video of 'The Wall' being played on a huge screen.

The second day's run was planned keeping in mind that noone was sober the previous night. So., yeah everyone was running around with a lousy hangover. But still it was awesome. The way back was quite tiring and no body was in the mood to jump around. But the beers still kept flowing :)

Surely, there is nothing like downing chilled beer, early in the morning.. right after you brush (er. brushing or not is still debatable :P)

On On..

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