Lousy weekend

Looks like this is the first weekend after my ``comeback to chennai``., that has gone without a mug of beer. :( Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. I want my beer damn it. Grr., maybe I'll just have a quick one tomorrow before going to work. What?? Drinking before going to work?? Hehehe., well.. actually with the chennai heat., it feels quite good to have a nice chilled lager before starting to work. Tried it last wednesday and it sure did not hurt :P. I actually think it increases productivity ;) Hmm., in my company no one minds if I fill the fridge up with beer. Only that nothing will be left for me :-S

Well., it was not just the beer. Tried hitting on a hottie., got myself burnt :-S. Cut a few lanes to take a shortcut, and paid a fine for violating `one-way`. On a lousy day, in a lousy part of town, in a lousy room., unlike in `sin city`, I'm sitting alone with a bruised ego and a busted purse., and no beer to quench my thirst.. :(

Gawd., does this thing ever get any better??

1 comment:

karuna said...

im sure it will... as long as we aren't on the verge of alcaholism... ;)