I'm NOT a kid

For chirst sakes., i'm 24. And, do I look like one or not? Grr..

She looked pretty and full and mature. The chemistry was happening., sent a black forest., got a smile back.. did the next act of stepping up for a talk. And, she asks me.. `which school are you in` !!BOOOM!!.. I was bowled for a moment., `Lady., I got done with the damn school books nearly 6 years back. Boo.. hoo.. sob., sob.. She is in 12 it seems. Grr..

I know it is bad to ask women their age., but i think they should start wearing tags with atleast the age range. So., we know what we are looking at. Looks are so god-damn decieving. Grr..

[Well., in some corner of my mind, I kind of think she might be fooling me.. Hmm., anywayz.. I did not even take a number., so does not matter]

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Shiv Shankar said...

guess who is commenting on your blog ??