I'm NOT a kid

For chirst sakes., i'm 24. And, do I look like one or not? Grr..

She looked pretty and full and mature. The chemistry was happening., sent a black forest., got a smile back.. did the next act of stepping up for a talk. And, she asks me.. `which school are you in` !!BOOOM!!.. I was bowled for a moment., `Lady., I got done with the damn school books nearly 6 years back. Boo.. hoo.. sob., sob.. She is in 12 it seems. Grr..

I know it is bad to ask women their age., but i think they should start wearing tags with atleast the age range. So., we know what we are looking at. Looks are so god-damn decieving. Grr..

[Well., in some corner of my mind, I kind of think she might be fooling me.. Hmm., anywayz.. I did not even take a number., so does not matter]

A long wait..

Yeah., was waiting long to grab a couple of hours to put up a post here :-S. This is kinda weird that I'm suddenly so busy with things. Well., I did think a bit over this sudden change to a `lack of time maniac`. Hmm., I'm not liking it a bit., but well.. as if everything in life has a choice. Gawd damn it.

So., what has been happening?? Lots of work., and lots and lots of work.. and in the middle I sure did find the time for my monthly getaway (hehe.. i know, lucky bastard :P). So., this time I ended up at Jaladama, near banglore., for a `banglore hash bash` :). This is a resort on an island in the middle of Cauvery. Cauvery was threatening to drown the island at any moment., but well that did not stop us from having our runs and the beer :). There were two runs. I'm not much of a runner., but I did run as much as I could. Gawd., the place is so green. Its like god just decided to fart in one place., and it was this. :P.

The first one was on saturday (22-10-2005). Most other hashers were grumbling about the bad trail., but well it did not matter to me. All the green fields, and tiny streams was a rewarding sight after nearly a two week long mad working. The second run on sunday (23-10-2005) was a short one but still a good trail. Lots of slush and bad terrain, the right kind :). The banglore hash did a good job of the place and food, but still we were not very happy about the `paying for the beer` part :-S. Well., well.. 20 bucks for a can of King Fisher lager is not bad afterall.. And yeah., as usual i lost count on the way to the resort on saturday of the number of cans :P. As if it matters. heh. And we did teach the banglore guys how to drink :P

Saturday night was a long one with a lot of drink, dancing in the rain, fighting with the DJ.. :P. I was lodged with some other chennai hashers next to the pool. When I was starting back to chennai on sunday evening, i was looking bleached because of all the time spent in the pool. And., I did have time to try my long lost basket ball skills, and some canoing too :) Hmm., it was a bit scary that i was all alone on some 10 meter deep water. Grr., should have learnt swimming instead of letching at the girls in Rosary matric hr. sec. school.. :-S. But, well i guess its no use complaining about it now. I did have the fun anywayz :P

Whoa., it did feel nice to look at things other than a computer monitor and endless lines of C code. And., i've already started looking out for the next get-away in Novermber :)


Lousy weekend

Looks like this is the first weekend after my ``comeback to chennai``., that has gone without a mug of beer. :( Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. I want my beer damn it. Grr., maybe I'll just have a quick one tomorrow before going to work. What?? Drinking before going to work?? Hehehe., well.. actually with the chennai heat., it feels quite good to have a nice chilled lager before starting to work. Tried it last wednesday and it sure did not hurt :P. I actually think it increases productivity ;) Hmm., in my company no one minds if I fill the fridge up with beer. Only that nothing will be left for me :-S

Well., it was not just the beer. Tried hitting on a hottie., got myself burnt :-S. Cut a few lanes to take a shortcut, and paid a fine for violating `one-way`. On a lousy day, in a lousy part of town, in a lousy room., unlike in `sin city`, I'm sitting alone with a bruised ego and a busted purse., and no beer to quench my thirst.. :(

Gawd., does this thing ever get any better??