Shoe laces., why is it so hard?

Today., after getting out of office., I decided to buy some shoe laces. Yes., I have a major ``Shoe lace`` problem. My laces keep breaking. Ever since I bought this woodland shoe back in March 2004., I've changed the lace atleast 6 times. This problem I've had with every shoe that I've owned.

The problem is that, it is hard to get shoe laces. I'm not kidding. My shoe is a dark green shade called ``military green``. Every shop in town will have a white lace or a black lace., or a brown lace. But no laces in shades of green. The last time I found a shop selling military green coloured laces, I bought 5 pairs. Thats all he had with him. Those 5 pairs are gone. Now I'm walking around with the last pair of laces which are already broken., but still held together for the moment by small knots. :-S

What is it with laces? I tried Reebok show room., the Nike show room., Woodlands show room., and every silly billy shoe shop at Purasawalkam. But., no laces which will suit the shoes. One moron suggested that I should use ``fluorescent green`` coloured laces. I gave him., one look which said it all. Why cant the makers of shoes., make the apt coloured laces and sell them at the same outlet?? I dont want to invest another 2.5k on footwear just because i could not find shoe laces.

Well., sooner or later I need to find laces., or I'll end up wearing slippers to office :P. I want my laces.. damn it.


A long night

It was a last minute decision to give bikes-and-barrels a visit. It was decided that it wont take long. However, I ended up back home only a few minutes to twelve. Well., amali was alone so had to cut short on the night and get back home.

Well., pitcher after pitcher kept coming to the table., and before we realized 5 pitchers had been gulped down :-S. Phew., got a lot of work to do tomorrow., so cannot afford to get thrashed. So., had to hold the pace and enjoy the chilled lager.

Though the DJ started off with `Unforgiven` soon., it became all echakka music. Grr., all that was enjoyable in the end was the beer and the hot women around. I really wish there was something like Purple-haze in chennai. I've never been to purple-haze., but have heard too much about it. Next visit to b'lore., i'm making to this pub. I hear that almost every pub in the city plays echakka once the crowd starts pouring in. However, I did notice that many in the crowd did like rock. But, still why this garbage??

Well., well.. I guess I should start my own pub. But with the current Rs.5000 - 1500 bank balance, I can only sit and comment. :P