'multiply.com'., quite interesting

I was forced into signing up at multiply.com because I wanted to comment on srid.multiply.com. But., now i think it is quite interesting. A part of 'orkut'., a part of 'blogger'., a 'flickr'., etc.. everything put in one place. All integrated. Sounds quite cool., but I'm wondering whether it is worth the effort of moving things out of blogger.com to multiply. Anywayz., I'm still exploring.., and my page is joesteeve.multiply.com

Christmas., yet again

Gosh., one thing that I hate about Christmas/New-Year/Easter is the midnight mass. Grr.., I'd give anything to escape from it. Its a painful routine every time. I dont mind staying awake late at night. Most of the nights, I'm up late (like today). But., sitting late at night and having to hear a sing-song which is mostly gibberish is not really very nice.

Year after year., the priest's enthusiasm in making the whole thing slower and more painful has been on the rise. If he just says the mass as normal statements., the whole ordeal will end in 30 minutes. But all his excessive singing and such makes it to 2 hours. And., all that while sittin in the cold., thinking of the comfortable bed... grr., not my idea of celebration. Grr.

I hope I get a wife who wont force me for Christmas mass like mom does.. :-S


Rainy weekend..

mother-nature unleashed her terror over chennai yesterday. after three failed attempts of getting to office., i settled down in bed with a book of calvin&hobbes. Gosh., i love that comic strip. Finally, in the evening did some swimming through street waters, and reached office. I was quite jobless and bored at home., so thought might as well go to office.

Folks at work had already planned the evening at Bikes & Barrels. by 19:00 hrs, the drinking had already started., and i could see another prospective 4 hours ahead :P. I was in a lousy orange tee., wasnt expecting to chill out in the middle of rains. I guess i was the most funny looking yest night. But what the hell., no one to impress around either. :-S. only when the pub guys kicked us out, did we realize that it had been raining like heck all through.

again more swimming and splashing happened. finally crashed at a frenz place., and now up. :) Lousy hangover.. grr..


Yet another sleepless night

Been working like a mad man. Havent slept a wink. Have my half filled coffee mug next to me. Have not gone home yet. Hmm., life is getting slightly too hectic. Heh., well.. it cannot be a ball all the time., grr.. Here i am, still in office.., looking at the monitor., typing crap so that you jobless people can read (hehehehe).

Chennai is quite peaceful in the wee hours. Not a single soul on the road., and all empty to test my speed limits. Hmm., too tired for anything now. I'm just gonna gulp the last mouthfulls of coffee and try to grab some sleep.


And did I have my enough?

Hehehe.. no., not yet.. The next getaway is already on the draftboard being planned :P. This time, the excuse is a friend's marriage. Plan is., a drive down to cochin, bless the couple and hit the road to goa :) Hmm., the last valparai trip has left us longing for another longer road trip. Looks like we are close to it :)

Well., I know.. 'fckin lucky bastard' that I am.. :P

Jazz in the Jungle

That was what the Madras Hash House Harriers decided to label the event. 19th, 29th of November, we crashed at a private estate property in Bakrapet, some 29 km from Tirupathi. The location was awesome. Hills all around., and a road winding in the middle. Thorny, shrubby greenery on the plains and more trees and such on the hills. It was a good view.

The first run on the 19th was through rough terrain. We kept running over hills and ditches that we dont know how many hills we climbed. The trail brought us back to the road to the first water stop. Downed dont-know-how-many mugs of 'sangria'. The second part took us to the top of a mountain from where we could enjoy 'bloody mary' viewing the scenic beauty of the area around. Gosh., sometimes you do wonder 'this is a beautiful world' :P.

The trail was very nice through the bushes and the rocky terrain. I had my legs badly bruised because of the thorns in the way. However, still it was worth it :) Later in the circle i got christened with my hash name after being baptised by beer.. the purest form of liquid a hasher knows.. :P The festivities began soon., with the rock band starting off with the jazz notes.. A bon fire was lit up., all sorts of cooked meat came around. And of course, the barrels of beer was always full :) The party went on till late night. Ended with some 10 of us sitting around the bonfire watching the video of 'The Wall' being played on a huge screen.

The second day's run was planned keeping in mind that noone was sober the previous night. So., yeah everyone was running around with a lousy hangover. But still it was awesome. The way back was quite tiring and no body was in the mood to jump around. But the beers still kept flowing :)

Surely, there is nothing like downing chilled beer, early in the morning.. right after you brush (er. brushing or not is still debatable :P)

On On..


This month's getaway..

Well., the moment i returned from b'lore last month., the next trip was already in the plans :P So., this time I'm off to Bakrapet. We are gonna be camping in the middle of a jungle. We've been assured that the closest communication facility to the outer world is 25km away. And yeah., no chance for mobile phones. The network would be down like it was jammed by a mobile jammer :)

And., after all the running and hopping.. its gonna be a beer filled tribal dance around a bonfire to the jazz tunes of an amature rock band. :) Yipppppppppppeeeeeeeee....

But well, right now I'm still in office.. and my yesterday has not ended yet. Hmm., got to crash.


Still discovering music..

I dont know what the hell., I'm still discovering music. Today., I happened to come across "Simon & Garfunkel". And yeah., I've never heard of them before.. and all mouths around me opened in wonder. Hmm.., a couple of weeks back., the same happened when I first heard "dire straits" and again managed to panic a whole lot of people.

Hmm., I guess I have a pretty long way to go :P


heart broken

Yeah., its my turn now. to look all pale and sad. Fate. I'm in no mood to dump it here. I think I trust my mug of beer better.


Test drive??

"Our village girl gets engaged to a recently-urbanized-village-boy. Our man., decides to know his lady a little better before commiting the knot and plays romantic tunes. Our innocent girl could not see the storm coming and danced well. It was all first love bliss. Sweet talking and emotional dialogues. Our man made sure he got all the details out of the girl. The girl was too dumb to ask questions. Girl innocently says that she wants to help her parents meet out the financial troubles they have in some way. Guy reports to his momma. Momma gets mad. Guy forgets about girl. Girl
cries. Boy's momma shouts at girl saying she is not what she expected out of a 'good village girl'. Girl's momma dissappointed with girl. Now., girl left alone broken hearted. Guy., still licking his candy wiping his fingers on his momma's saree."

Well., I wish I had a gun to shoot these fuckers right between the balls. These morons are a general disgrace to our `male species`. If he wanted to play on his momma's lap., why the fuck look around for a woman to marry.


I'm NOT a kid

For chirst sakes., i'm 24. And, do I look like one or not? Grr..

She looked pretty and full and mature. The chemistry was happening., sent a black forest., got a smile back.. did the next act of stepping up for a talk. And, she asks me.. `which school are you in` !!BOOOM!!.. I was bowled for a moment., `Lady., I got done with the damn school books nearly 6 years back. Boo.. hoo.. sob., sob.. She is in 12 it seems. Grr..

I know it is bad to ask women their age., but i think they should start wearing tags with atleast the age range. So., we know what we are looking at. Looks are so god-damn decieving. Grr..

[Well., in some corner of my mind, I kind of think she might be fooling me.. Hmm., anywayz.. I did not even take a number., so does not matter]

A long wait..

Yeah., was waiting long to grab a couple of hours to put up a post here :-S. This is kinda weird that I'm suddenly so busy with things. Well., I did think a bit over this sudden change to a `lack of time maniac`. Hmm., I'm not liking it a bit., but well.. as if everything in life has a choice. Gawd damn it.

So., what has been happening?? Lots of work., and lots and lots of work.. and in the middle I sure did find the time for my monthly getaway (hehe.. i know, lucky bastard :P). So., this time I ended up at Jaladama, near banglore., for a `banglore hash bash` :). This is a resort on an island in the middle of Cauvery. Cauvery was threatening to drown the island at any moment., but well that did not stop us from having our runs and the beer :). There were two runs. I'm not much of a runner., but I did run as much as I could. Gawd., the place is so green. Its like god just decided to fart in one place., and it was this. :P.

The first one was on saturday (22-10-2005). Most other hashers were grumbling about the bad trail., but well it did not matter to me. All the green fields, and tiny streams was a rewarding sight after nearly a two week long mad working. The second run on sunday (23-10-2005) was a short one but still a good trail. Lots of slush and bad terrain, the right kind :). The banglore hash did a good job of the place and food, but still we were not very happy about the `paying for the beer` part :-S. Well., well.. 20 bucks for a can of King Fisher lager is not bad afterall.. And yeah., as usual i lost count on the way to the resort on saturday of the number of cans :P. As if it matters. heh. And we did teach the banglore guys how to drink :P

Saturday night was a long one with a lot of drink, dancing in the rain, fighting with the DJ.. :P. I was lodged with some other chennai hashers next to the pool. When I was starting back to chennai on sunday evening, i was looking bleached because of all the time spent in the pool. And., I did have time to try my long lost basket ball skills, and some canoing too :) Hmm., it was a bit scary that i was all alone on some 10 meter deep water. Grr., should have learnt swimming instead of letching at the girls in Rosary matric hr. sec. school.. :-S. But, well i guess its no use complaining about it now. I did have the fun anywayz :P

Whoa., it did feel nice to look at things other than a computer monitor and endless lines of C code. And., i've already started looking out for the next get-away in Novermber :)


Lousy weekend

Looks like this is the first weekend after my ``comeback to chennai``., that has gone without a mug of beer. :( Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. I want my beer damn it. Grr., maybe I'll just have a quick one tomorrow before going to work. What?? Drinking before going to work?? Hehehe., well.. actually with the chennai heat., it feels quite good to have a nice chilled lager before starting to work. Tried it last wednesday and it sure did not hurt :P. I actually think it increases productivity ;) Hmm., in my company no one minds if I fill the fridge up with beer. Only that nothing will be left for me :-S

Well., it was not just the beer. Tried hitting on a hottie., got myself burnt :-S. Cut a few lanes to take a shortcut, and paid a fine for violating `one-way`. On a lousy day, in a lousy part of town, in a lousy room., unlike in `sin city`, I'm sitting alone with a bruised ego and a busted purse., and no beer to quench my thirst.. :(

Gawd., does this thing ever get any better??


Shoe laces., why is it so hard?

Today., after getting out of office., I decided to buy some shoe laces. Yes., I have a major ``Shoe lace`` problem. My laces keep breaking. Ever since I bought this woodland shoe back in March 2004., I've changed the lace atleast 6 times. This problem I've had with every shoe that I've owned.

The problem is that, it is hard to get shoe laces. I'm not kidding. My shoe is a dark green shade called ``military green``. Every shop in town will have a white lace or a black lace., or a brown lace. But no laces in shades of green. The last time I found a shop selling military green coloured laces, I bought 5 pairs. Thats all he had with him. Those 5 pairs are gone. Now I'm walking around with the last pair of laces which are already broken., but still held together for the moment by small knots. :-S

What is it with laces? I tried Reebok show room., the Nike show room., Woodlands show room., and every silly billy shoe shop at Purasawalkam. But., no laces which will suit the shoes. One moron suggested that I should use ``fluorescent green`` coloured laces. I gave him., one look which said it all. Why cant the makers of shoes., make the apt coloured laces and sell them at the same outlet?? I dont want to invest another 2.5k on footwear just because i could not find shoe laces.

Well., sooner or later I need to find laces., or I'll end up wearing slippers to office :P. I want my laces.. damn it.


A long night

It was a last minute decision to give bikes-and-barrels a visit. It was decided that it wont take long. However, I ended up back home only a few minutes to twelve. Well., amali was alone so had to cut short on the night and get back home.

Well., pitcher after pitcher kept coming to the table., and before we realized 5 pitchers had been gulped down :-S. Phew., got a lot of work to do tomorrow., so cannot afford to get thrashed. So., had to hold the pace and enjoy the chilled lager.

Though the DJ started off with `Unforgiven` soon., it became all echakka music. Grr., all that was enjoyable in the end was the beer and the hot women around. I really wish there was something like Purple-haze in chennai. I've never been to purple-haze., but have heard too much about it. Next visit to b'lore., i'm making to this pub. I hear that almost every pub in the city plays echakka once the crowd starts pouring in. However, I did notice that many in the crowd did like rock. But, still why this garbage??

Well., well.. I guess I should start my own pub. But with the current Rs.5000 - 1500 bank balance, I can only sit and comment. :P